Bouldertehdas has about 500 square meters is divided to climbing area, warming and stretching area, café and shop and dressing rooms. Climbing area has about 400 square meters of walls from positive slabs to roofs. There are about 2000 climbing holds. Something for everyone. Climbing area has huge amount of different routes, route is always build from same colored holds. You can find more information about the routes in the routes section.

Warming and stretching area is important for training. It is essential to warm up properly to avoid sport injuries. Stretching after the exercise is important to your recovery after climbing. This area helps you also to train so called opposite muscles.

Café has great freshly brewed coffee and something small to eat. Café is also the place to hang out, read and relax. We sell climbing shoes, clothing and other climbing products. We also have online shop. Some products we try to always have in the storage and we order others by request.

Both dressing rooms have toilet and shower.

We have locker where you can leave valuables while climbing.