Nordic Boulder Championships

Routesetters: Christian “Benky” Benk, Tomi Nytorp and Olli-Petteri ManniMainjudge: Kaisa Rajala (Peter Backlund)

 Event will be live streamedYoutube video available later
Nelonen Pro will send the event also
Results at: live stream

 Qualifications: 5 routes/ category, 5 minutes / route(means climbing stops when time is out)
Finals: 4 routes/category, 4+ minutes / route(means climber can finnish the route if on it when time stops)IFSC/Nordic rules

 “ Old side” of BouldertehdasClimbers and coaches, once entered to the new side, no admittance back
 Audience: entrance throw the main door of Bouldertehdas
 8-9 Registration Old side (own door)9-9.15 Technical meeting Old side9.30-> qualifications
 after qualifications finalist can stay just on the old side of the gym as final routes are prepared
 17.15 Isolation for finals cloases18-> Finalsc. 19.30-22 Pool Party at Iskeri swimming hall for climbers and officials, Rehtorinpellon katu 422-> NC-party in Night Club Apollo, Humalistonkatu 6, please arrive in time (latest 22.30 for free admittance)

 Gym is open 12-16, climbing is possibleIf weather allows, possible to ask locals for outdoor bouldering

28.11.2015 - 09:30 - 20:00