Wild County vetää 15.7 jälkeen valmistetut Helium sulkurenkaat markkinoilta. liitteissä tarkemmat tiedot eränumeroista, jotka vedetään markkinoilta. Maahantuojana Bouldertehdas hoitaa tuotteiden vaihdon. Ostaja saa tilalle vastaavan tuotteen uudesta erästä.Olemme jo tarkistaneet jälleenmyyjillemme 15.7 jälkeen toimitetut heliumit ja ne eivät ole poisvedettävää erää. Meiltä ostetut poisvedettävän erän Heliumit voi palauttaa meille ja toimitamme ostajalle uuden tilalle.

liittessä tarkemmat tiedot eristä ja asiasta.

10th December 2012
Questions you might want to ask about the recall of certain batches of the Helium karabiner:
1. Why is the Wild Country Helium karabiner being recalled?
Upon receipt of the latest delivery at Wild Country we identified anomalies with the Major Axis Gate Closed
Tensile Test Results. An immediate investigation together with our long term manufacturing partner revealed
a series of issues with the manufacturing process that could lead to problems in the forging of the nose of the
karabiner. In those karabiners affected by the problem the gate may not engage properly with the nose causing
the gate to slip off the nose under load and thereby significantly reducing the strength of the karabiner.
As we cannot guarantee that the karabiners with the identified Batch Codes meet the European Standard for
karabiners (EN12275) we are issuing an immediate recall notice. We apologise for the inconvenience this may
cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping us to recover as many of the identified karabiners
as possible.
2. Is there a manufacturing or purchase date relevant to this recall?
Yes, this recall notice only applies to Wild Country Helium karabiners delivered after the 15th July 2012. So if
your Helium karabiners were purchased before that there is no problem.
3. If I bought my Heliums after this date how do I check if this recall applies to my Wild Country Helium karabiner?
This recall notice applies to all Wild Country Helium karabiners bought after 15th July 2012 and marked with
the any of the following Batch Codes marked on the spine of the karabiner:
4. Why did Wild Country sell a product that is now being recalled?
Wild Country “Goods Inwards Testing” identified a problem with the manufacturing and testing process at our
supplier. Upon investigation with the supplier it was identified that the issues with the manufacturing processes
leading to the anomalies in test results may also have affected further batches. It was therefore decided to
“spread the net” as widely as possible and recall all batches that may have been adversely affected by changes
to the production process.
We apologise for any concern and inconvenience this recall may cause and we will do our very best to try to
ensure that this situation is resolved as quickly as possible.
5. Why is this product recall termed ‘voluntary’?
Although there are no reported accidents related to this product we have volunteered to action this recall as
the safety of our customers is our absolute number one priority. As we have now actioned this recall you must
respond by immediately returning any Helium karabiner with the identified Batch Codes that you may possess.
6. I like my Wild Country Helium karabiner, do I have to return it?
Yes you must return your Wild Country Helium karabiner as soon as possible, we must account for all units
released into the outdoor market. We strongly advise you to return your Wild Country Helium karabiner immediately.
If you continue to use them you are putting yourself and others at risk. We will replace your returned
product as quickly as possible.
7. What information do you need from me when I return the item?
You need to provide comprehensive contact details together with the recalled item(s). Proof of postage should
be obtained as we will not be able to replace/refund items which go missing without this.
8. Will you replace my Wild Country Helium karabiner and how long will it take?
We will replace your Wild Country Helium karabiner, with a product manufactured via an amended production
process. We will try to replace your karabiner as quickly as possible.
9. I did not purchase my Wild Country Helium karabiner from my local retailer, how can I return it?
If possible please return your Helium karabiner to the retailer you purchased it from. If you cannot return it to
its place of purchase, you can return your product to the following:
A. The Wild Country distributor in your region.
B. Direct to the Wild Country headquarters in the UK.
Please remember to securely attach your contact details to the returned Helium Karabiner.
10. What do I do if I still have a question or if I want to speak to someone about this?
For further help, please e-mail us at [email protected] and we will respond to your request as soon as
we can.